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08 August 2008

Nottingham City Council is urging residents to return their annual voter registration forms which will be delivered to every household over the next fortnight. Residents need to register each and every year by phone, online or by returning the completed form.

Remember that registering to vote is very important:

- if you are not on the electoral register you will be not be able to exercise your right to vote in any national or local elections and have a say on things that matter to you

- not registering to vote can effect your credit rating

- not registering every year could result in a £1000 fine

- if you didn’t register last year and don’t do so this year, this time your name will be removed from the register.

Sarah Wilson, Electoral Services Manager for Nottingham City Council said: “Some residents still don’t realise how important it is to register every year. We receive calls every day from people who can’t get home loans or credit cards approved because they haven’t registered. Given the current economic climate, this can be very distressing for those affected.”

She added: “If your details haven’t changed, the quickest way to register is by phone or online and this also reduces postage costs. If you’re registering by post we’d urge you to return your form before the 26 August deadline – this avoids having to send out reminders, or, as a last resort carry out door to door canvassing and the money saved could be invested into improving council services.”

Cllr Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader said: “It’s important to take part in democracy and have your say about issues that matter to you, but also, not being on the electoral roll affects your credit rating and not a lot of people know that."

There are three easy way to register:

1 To register by telephone call (Freephone) 0800 025 0970 (automated) – if your details are unchanged.
2 To register online go to: - if your details are unchanged.
3 Register by post – if your details have changed or if you don’t want to register by phone or online.

For more information contact the Helpline on 0115 915 4938 or email: